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Canada 150 Body Painting Project

We love Body Painting and love Canada, to Celebrate Canada 150 we Body painted two models, – an Immigrant and a Peterborough native-  into the Canada flag, here are the stories of the participants of this project; which Celebrates Canada Multiculturalism and Art.

Venezzia Rubortone, I was born in Venezuela on a town called Barquisimeto. I am 24 years old, I came to Canada when I was 17 years old and I took Culinary Management at Fleming College. My passion is to cook, my sister and I own an italian restaurant on George and Lake street but I have also always liked modeling, I have just never done it before. So when the opportunity to volunteer for this project came up I took it and it was a very fun and different experience that I really enjoyed.

I Love Canada it is my home, so many memories and so many loved ones here that I was more than happy to do this project to welcome newcomers to the city of Peterborough. It was a very welcoming city to me and that makes all the immigration process easier and less painful because it is always hard to leave your family and your loved ones behind, and in a badly shaped country. So it is always rewarding to know that you will be able to make new and good friendships and to learn a new culture and new language, there is nothing more fulfilling to your brain and spirit than that, it is hard to do at the beginning but the best thing to do is to evolve, meet new people and to learn about the culture and to respect it because Canada respects our cultures.

So overall I am a very enthusiastic person willing to work hard for whatever this life gives me, I love the ocean it is my favorite place but I also the woods and the smell of pine trees.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this project that the wonderful ladies from Faces by two have come up with, we hope you enjoy it.

Alison was born in Peterborough, Ontario. She is a mother of one amazing 3 year old and has a passion for environmental causes especially reducing plastic use! In her spare time you can find her gardening or hula hooping or doing art and crafting of all kinds.

Rodney is a freelance filmmaker with a background in ecotourism and outdoor adventure travel. Since his teenage years, Rodney has dedicated his life to traveling, exploring, and connecting with the outdoors. Rodney makes a living doing what he loves: traveling, filming, and story-telling.